Thursday, March 26, 2015

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!
I wanted to let you know where we are with food commitments, backpacks, and t-shirts, as well as share some info for volunteers. The menu is pretty much complete, although we have some food in need of cooks! We have3 turkeys, and about 50 lbs of chicken leg quarters, that need to be “adopted” and prepared. There are also lots of veggies that will need to be heated that day. If you are up for the challenge, please let me know!!
We are close to our goal numbers for backpacks and t-shirts, but Oscar says that he will be happy if a few more come in. We don’t want to run short.
If you are free Saturday (28th), we will be at the storage units at U-Haul Moving and Storage (Elmwood Avenue) at 2 pm. We will be pre-loading backpacks with t-shirts so that they will be ready for distribution on the 12th Please let me know if you would like to help!
If you are planning on coming out to help on the 12th, we ask that you try to come at 2:30. Food will be unloaded from cars at the gate, and then you will need to move your car. (We promise that the tables will be in position where they will stay for the day!!!) There is a huge parking lot (Employment office) located diagonally across from the corner of Gadsden and Taylor Streets. There will be a sign-in table with name tags and information near the gate. 
Here is some important info for volunteers:
ORIENTATION (will begin at approximately 2:40, worship will begin at 3 pm)
Pastor Oscar will briefly discuss safety and common sense info for volunteers.
Please join us for a brief prayer before we serve.
Brian will steer everyone to area coordinators so that you can hear a brief description of your task. Areas of service are:
·         FOOD SERVING LINE – In order to stay within the city’s time limit, food servers will QUIETLY preload plates during worship so that meals can be distributed quickly after the service. We will need food servers, plate carriers, bread and dessert cutters, meal stackers, trash control, etc. See food server handouts on serving line.
·         HAND SANITIZER AND PAPER TOWEL DISTRIBUTORS – for those waiting in the food line. Welcome the worshipers and invite them to come to the park every Sunday at 3 for worship and a meal. Remind people to save their plates if they think they might want seconds.
·         THE CROSS – help distribute index cards and pens for writing prayer concerns. Several volunteers will distribute thumb tacks so that prayer concerns can “nailed” to the cross.
·         PRAYER WARRIORS – offer prayer for individuals as needs and concerns are expressed.
·         BACKPACK DISTRIBUTION – assist at the backpack station
·         CLOTHING DISTRIBUTION – assist at the clothing station
·         Stack food pans by type on tables. Food in coolers and boxes may remain below the tables to stay warm.
·         Plate carriers will “ferry” plates down the outsides of the 2 lines, holding plates for servers to fill.
·         Food servers will fill plates from the insides of the 2 serving lines.
·         Food servers should give small portions of all 3 meats. Go easy on serving sizes. We have a lot of meals to prepare.
·         Can openers – cranberry sauce and fruit cocktail cans may need to be opened.
·         Bread and dessert preparers will slice bread and desserts at an adjacent table and keep the pans on the serving line filled.
·         Wax paper and cutlery placers – cover the food with a sheet of wax paper to separate food from cutlery packet, bread, and dessert.
·         Bread and dessert servers - add these items on top of wax paper
·         Meal stackers will close plates and stack on the end table. If cardboard sheets are available, place them between layers of meals to stabilize the stack.
·         Custom plates – If someone states that there are foods which they cannot eat (ie pork or an allergy) a custom plate may be prepared for that individual.
·         Drink table – distribute drinks. One per person, please.
·         Trash control – volunteers will be needed to remove empty food pans from the line and keep up with trash removal throughout the afternoon. As the food service winds down, volunteers will be needed to walk around with garbage bags to gather people’s trash.
We hope that it will help everyone to be familiar with what is needed ahead of the 12th. We appreciate you all and look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you and God bless!
Jeannette Maybin
Keepin’ It Real Ministries

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