Thursday, July 17, 2014

Greetings in the name of Jesus. Just wanted to give an update on Keeping It Real Ministries: In mid –May, the rent on the ministry`s 3 houses was raised beyond the budget. An affordable house was found to serve parsonage, and 2 of the men currently living there. A permanent solution for a men`s house ( to accommodate 6-8) is still needed. Please pray that God will provide the right house for this life saving men`a ministry. We continue to worship in the Gadsden street corner of the park, without permit fees. However, Pastor Gadsden received a letter from Parks and Recreation stating that fees may be required in the near future. This is an outrage, when you consider how $600 per month could be use to help the homeless. I encourage you to write to city council. Members include Mayor Steve Benjamin, Sam David, Tameika Issac Devine, Leona Plaugh and Moe Baddourah. The address is City of Columbia, PO box 147, Columbia, SC 29217. We would be grateful for your efforts to express your opinions to city council. We always invite you to join us for worship in the park. We are always excited to have people share a testimony, a song, or a message. Thank you and God bless!