Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hello all!

 Greetings from Keepin’ It Real Ministries! We have made it through the summer and are looking forward to the coming months! We continue to worship in the back of Finlay Park every Sunday, and many wonderful people continue to support us by providing after worship meals, testimony, messages from the Word, and beautiful song. The Lord is always present with us and He continues to touch lives. We are ever grateful to the individuals and churches who answer the call to be of service to this ministry and to the people we serve. So far, the city has allowed us to minister to the homeless without fees. Please keep us in your prayers that this will continue!

 With the beginning of September comes the effort to once again prepare for our large fall event - the Thanksgiving Bash. It is set for Finlay Park, Sunday, November 9th, from 2:15-4:15. We are gearing up to provide for 400-500 people.

As always we are seeking people who are willing to serve by committing to help collect:

· 400 new backpacks
· 400 new hooded sweatshirts
· 400 new t-shirts

We are also looking for commitments of turkey, ham, chicken, starches, vegetables, desserts, and canned sodas toward our goal of enough food to feed 400-500 that day. This sounds like a huge amount to amass in 10 weeks, and it is. But nothing is too big for God. He calls us to help others, and when many are willing to help, these goals are attainable. What about you? Is this a challenge that you would like to be part of? I encourage you to talk to your church, Sunday School class, Bible study group, colleagues, and family and friends! Would you be willing to sponsor a backpack, hoodie, or t-shirt drive? I can promise you that being part of this effort will bless you as much as you bless others. With the start of school just past us, there may be clearance sales to be found on backpacks and clothing.

If you are shopping and discover great deals, would you please let us know? On-line sources for seconds, irregulars, and items in bulk are cost effective ways to acquire these items. Please contact me if you need suggestions for on-line resources. We hope that you are well, and pray that you will keep Keepin’ It Real Ministries and the homeless in your prayers. Thank you and God bless!